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Who we are

John & Nelly, nice to meet you!

We are two beings that grew tired of the 9 to 5 world…..(or it grew tired of us). We both had jobs when we met and were doing quite well, but nothing is stable in this world anymore and our jobs finished within two months of each-other opening the door to the realm of possibilities!

We decided to go travelling and disconnect from the system, the matrix, the routine and see for ourselves if the world was as bad as portrayed in the media.

Although we grew tired of TV a long time ago, we still knew what was going on in the world and it seemed the world was a negative place.

Well 8 months traveling we came to the realisation that it it NOT.

What we do

We specialise in Plant Based Burgers. Our aim is not only use what Mother Earth has provide such as vegetables and fruits. Our four burgers are made from a range of vegetables that have been reinvented to give Vegans a real burger!

We aim to use the healthiest and most beneficial ingredients in order to maintain a well rounded nutritious meal but as a burger. Healthy Junk Food. 🙂


The Earth is healing slowly but could use our help. The world is becoming a more conscious place and people are now caring about what they ingest. We want to become a catalyst for many more vegans young and old to embrace their life choice but also enjoy being alive which is why we are slowly becoming London’s ‘Cheat Day’ treat, for both Vegans and Non Vegans. It’s a burger but just that bit more healthy than most other non vegan food.





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