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The Mooshies Story

Mooshies has been founded by married couple John and Nelly.

Mooshies started as an idea to give vegans in London a Vegan Tinseltown – it went from Market stall on Brick Lane to a 6 month pop up on Brick Lane (after 5 weeks or so of trading) to permanently calling Brick Lane home. 

Our vision was to build from the kitchen out – with limited funds and zero investment it was more a labour of love than a business. Nelly is the mastermind in the kitchen and has created the menu herself and John has been in-charge of making sure everyone gets to taste the amazing favours, that even make meat eaters come back for more (that was the idea). Our staff have become family, the customers friends and Mooshies our home.

Our focus was to only serve vegetables and fruits – to encourage young Londoners to incorporate their one a day in the form of a burger. Tried and tested on our vegetable hating friends we knew we had a winner (or 3). Feedback helped us grow (good & bad) and social media became the catalyst to a crazy journey which has been up and down for 2 years & half! (written March 2019)  In that space of time we’ve got married, moved home and had a baby! We don’t like easy.

What we do love is collaborations!

Eat Chay join a list of Vegan Greats – Our desserts are by the BEST vegan bakery in town – Vida Bakery! AND on our nachos have the BEST cheese on the planet by Kinda Co. Alongside this months launch, we are upping our desserts game with the introduction of Tiramisu and Banana Cheesecake by Baking Bad. 

Thank you for the love and the continuous support over the years. We hope you enjoy the food 

Our tag line has always been Be The Change You Want To See and thats what we try and stay true to.


Much love, Mooshies  x

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