This All-Vegan Burger Bar In London Will Make You Question EVERYTHING

How’s your Veganuary going? Mine would have been a whole lot easier if my relationship with cheese wasn’t so goddamn strong… seriously, it’s been over 20 years and the sparks between me and mozzarella are still flying. But for vegans, non-vegans and wannabe vegans alike, you need to try Mooshies, London’s only all-vegan burger bar. Their burgers will change the very way you envision vegan food…READ MORE
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Eye on London – A Vegan Guide to London

London from the inside Monday 7th – Sunday 13th August 2017

Veganism is thought to be Britain’s fastest growing lifestyle movement with numbers increasing 340% from 2006 – 2016 and over 600,000 vegans in Britain. London is also now fast embracing the plant-based diet. Vegan, as well as vegetarian, dishes are being clearly marked on many more restaurant menus and there’s lots of purely vegan restaurants opening that you should really try, vegan or not! Read More….

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Hold The Beef: 10 of the UK’s best meat-free burgers

There are few things as satisfying as a really good burger. But what if you’re vegetarian, vegan or just trying to eat a bit less meat? Thankfully, cutting back on the beef doesn’t mean losing out on flavour. We’ve studied the menus of burger bars across the UK and rounded up ten of the most delicious meat-free burgers. Read more….

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The UK’s Best Vegan Fish and Chip Spots

Restaurants are rushing to meet the growing demand for cruelty-free, plant-based fare with ganggie burgers, vegan cheese pizzas, and yes, even fish and chips! Vegan versions of this traditional dish are a healthier option for those wanting to experience a British classic without contributing to the environmental destruction and animal suffering caused by the fishing industry. Here’s our list of the best places in the UK to find tasty vegan seafood Read More……