Best Vegan Spoken Word

Being a Vegan is a lifestyle and a passion so what better way to express this passion than through the verbal art form of Spoken Word.

Below are a few artists on YouTube that are using this art form to express themselves and their lifestyle choice.

British Farmer’s Son Shocks Vegan World with this video. A spoken song to broaden views and help make a change

Saul Williams Poet Philosopher Vegetarian – Saul Williams, the idea of a vegan diet to shape your outlook and future of humanity.

I am a Vegan. A spoken word poem by Maxine Hughes

Vegan in a Non-Vegan World Spoken Word Poem by Emily Schaeffer.

Dear Animal Lovers… A Vegan Spoken Word Poem

Vegan Spoken Word | “Human” | Vegan Punch Bag

I hope you enjoyed the Spoken Word – if you are or know any spoken word artists in London who have Vegan poems please contact us on

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