Top 10 Food Markets in London

London is famous for many things including some of the finest street markets in Europe. If you live in London and have never visited any of the famous street markets, then you need to challenge yourself after reading this article. You are guaranteed to get the best vegan burger and other delicious treats in some of these London street markets. Here are the top 10 London street markets you ought to visit.
Borough Market
1. Borough market – Borough market stands out from the rest. It is London’s oldest street market with a riot of smells, colours and human interaction. The market reflects London’s reputation as a global city with a mixture of traditional British and worldwide produce on display. Don’t miss the chance to try a vegan burger when you visit the market.
Market, Cambden Lock
2. Camden market – Camden market harbours many treats, it is quite extensive and very busy. The market offers a variety of things, from fresh produce, to vintage clothes. There is always something to do at Camden market, remember to treat yourself to the best veggie burger in London when you visit Camden market.
Leather Lane Market
3. Leather Lane market – Leather Lane market offers an extraordinary variety of meals and produce from across the world. Whether you need something to eat on the go or a nice place to sit and enjoy a vegan burger, you are sure to find whatever you need at the leather lane market.
4. Greenwich market – it offers a tighter and smaller setting compared to the borough market. However, its size is not synonymous to the variety of delicious meals on offer. It is a beautiful destination for sightseeing on a sunny day. You’ll be sure to find some of the best veggie burger deals in London at the Greenwich market.
5. Partridges food market – this is not your typical street market, it is fancier compared to what you’ll expect from a street market. However, it doesn’t take away the ambience and richness in culture, produce and character on display. This place is a paradise for any vegan. You must try the vegan burger when you visit.
Dalston Food Market
6. Dalston food market – if you wish to relax and unwind after a hectic couple of days at work, then the Dalston food market could be just what you need. It offers a variety of activities for everyone from kids to grannies. The market has live music entertainment on offer and a chance to have a little picnic.
7. Maltby street market – the market can be easily mistaken for a smaller version of the borough market. It has a similar display of produce as the borough market only that it is smaller in comparison. You can arguably get the best vegan burgers in London at the Maltby Street market.
8. Berwick street market – it is located in the central area of London, ideal for tourists visiting the central London areas. It offers more than just vegan burgers. Visit the market to discover what treasures lie within.
Chatsworth Road Market
9. Chatsworth Road market – surprisingly, this market opens for only 5 hours a week and has fantastic food and antiques on display during that time.
Broadway Market
10. Broadway market – the market was initially a regular street market until the noughties transformed it into a food market. It is rumoured to have inspired the street market featured in the popular British soap called Eastenders.

Remember always to check the opening times before visiting these markets as they do not open every day.

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