Top 10 Street Food Markets in London for Vegans

For many people based in London, trying to live on a vegan diet can be hard work. With so little choice compared to “normal” diets, there can be an immense amount of running around trying to find a dietary solution that works for you. If you are out and out about in London, then the following locations are all more than worthwhile locations to try out as the top street food markets in London for Vegans.

Each options provides delectable foods at fair prices, with easy access to these brilliant meals.

Yum Bun

This brilliant venue might not seem suitable for vegans at first, but it has plenty of suitable options. From soups such as Asian broths to try out, you’ll love the selection of food down at Broadway Markets’ finest. One of the best places to come for vegan soups in London.

Horn OK Please

Another fine selection, HOP gives you plenty of great vegan options that comes from Indian backgrounds. With stunning flavours and unique tastes that will make lunch memorable, head over to Southbank Centre Food Court for something different.

Berwick St

Berwick St market in Soho sells awesome fruit and vegetables for you to pick from, providing you with lots of great selections. The salads sold here are more than worth the inevitable queues you’ll find at Berwick Street! Definitely one of the top street food markets in London for Vegans who love their salad.

The Urban Food Fest

Although the vegan stalls here tend to change every weekend when this rolls into Euro Car Parks on a Saturday night, it has plenty of options every weekend, with a fine selection and variety always provided.


Based just outside of St. James Church in Piccadilly, ChickP is worth checking out for the outstanding falafels they serve for vegans. It’s open from 11:30AM-2:30PM every Monday, so be sure to come and check out its numerous offers.

Rainforest Creations

Another popular choice, this is located inside Spitalfields Market on a Sunday from 10AM-5PM. Provides amazing raw vegan foods as well as living food salads, alongside raps and even raw vegan cakes, providing a little something for everyone. Various foods from different inspirations and sources makes this an ideal vegan stall in London to stop off at.

Borough Market

If you can handle the grotesque stalls nearby that sells dead animal goods, there are some excellent vegan stalls in Borough Market. The Gujurati Rasoi is open Monday to Saturday, 10AM-5PM and serves some delightful treats and meals.

The Sunday Upmarket

Provides a fine starting point for those trying to find one of the top street food markets in London for Vegans. A popular choice for those passing through Hanbury Street, you’ll find a glut of awesome Vegan locations here waiting for you on a Sunday. This vegan cakes found here are some of the best in the city!

Hoxton Beach

Hoxton Beach gathers a lot of interest with everything from vegan falafels to takeaway food going down the vegan route. This tends to be a good place to get vegan meals during the day if you are around Whitecross Street Market at all.

Global Fusion

Arguably the finest creator of vegan breads in London. Found over at Stoke Newington Farmers Market, this awesome stall sells amazing vegan breads like banana bread along with vegetable fritters. The perfect place to enjoy some experimental vegan foods you’ll struggle to find elsewhere in London.

Now, you have access to some of the best street food markets in London for Vegans. Be sure to check them out, and you should find that getting a bite to eat when out and about in London is no longer the challenge it may have once seemed. There’s far more selection than there ever has been, so vegans in London should have no problem finding somewhere they can feel proud to eat.