Top 10 Vegan Burgers in London

London is the ideal place to find a variety of different street food outlets. Cuisines from around the world can be found throughout the many boroughs and one of the most popular of these has to be vegan and vegetarian foods.

Vegans and vegetarians alike will tell you that some of the very best vegan food in the UK is available in London, so to help you to find your dinner inspiration we have put together the top ten vegan burgers that you can find in London.

1 Vegan Hippo- Soho

Whilst Vegan Hippo may only be a small café offering a small menu, it is a popular place for vegans to head to and indulge themselves in a spot of burger themed happiness. Their Jackfruit burger with kale chips is the stuff of dreams and as they also offer a gluten free option; you really can enjoy food that is great for you.

2 Mildreds- Soho, Camden, Kings Cross

One of the most popular vegetarian and vegan restaurant chains in London, it is vital that you book in to eat here otherwise you could be disappointed. If you do manage to get a table, then you will be delighted to find two delicious vegan options for burgers on their menu.

3 Wild Food Café- Covent Garden

Love raw food? Or want to sample it for the first time? Then this the place for you. Local produce beautifully presented, this is a treat for all your senses! Their “Greatest Burger of All Time” isn’t just called that, it really is a taste sensation that you will find hard to beat.

4 Rainforest Creations- Market stall at Herne Hill, Hammersmith and Chelsea

We love street food, so it comes as no surprise that this delicious vegan street vendor comes up on our list. Their boxed lentil burger is not only a great treat but it can also be taken away and enjoyed at your own pace!

5 Manna Restaurant- Camden

One of the oldest vegan restaurants in the area; Mannas has not lost its popularity. One of those places that you have to try and visit; here you will find a whole host of delicious vegan treats including their amazing Falafel burger!

6 Down to Earth- Kensington

Not only do Down to Earth offer an amazing range of vegan and raw foods, but many people say that their Beetroot Burger is a real taste sensation; and best of all, it is gluten free too!

7 Farmacy- Paddington

Loving healthy food doesn’t mean that you have to give up on tasty food; something that the glorious Farmacy burger proves. An amazing mixture of flavours that will have you going back time and time again.

8 The VegBar- Brixton

As an homage to a world famous advocate of animal cruelty, Morrisey, this restaurant and bar created the frankly rather amazing Mozfather burger. As delicious as he is loved!

9 222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant

One of the most popular vegan eateries in London, this is the place to go to try something tasty. Their 222 burger is a popular choice on the menu and once you taste it you will really see why.

10 Vegan Burgers By Mooshies- Brick Lane Saturday & Sunday

A new and exciting vegan burger experience is in Brick Lane every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm until 5pm. Make sure you note this in your diary and you too can be a part of a new taste sensation!

So there you have it, 10 amazing places, offering 10 amazing vegan burgers in the Capital. Now there really is no excuse not to get out there and try some delicious vegan food!